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Adam Cummins


Adam Cummins is a director at Pace Harmon, an optimisation and outsourcing advisory services firm providing guidance on complex transactions, process and operational optimisation, and provider governance.

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Aug 05, 2016    0

Organisations that enter business process outsourcing (BPO) transactions inevitably experience challenges with BPO providers – often resulting from unmet expectations, difficult transitions and erratic steady state delivery. While it is reasonable to expect the value promised by a provider to be delivered quickly and consistently, walking a mile in a BPO provider’s shoes can help buyers understand the typical challenges BPO providers face when taking over execution of business...

Mar 24, 2016    1

As enterprises make significant investments in their sourcing and procurement function, they rightfully expect a solid return on that investment. One of the more significant value creation elements of a sourcing and procurement function is the team and process that focuses on strategic sourcing. The Institute for Supply Management defines strategic sourcing as “an organised and...