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Jaroslaw Czaja

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Jarosław Czaja is Founder and CEO of Future Processing, a high-quality Polish software development outsourcer. As an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist, Jaroslaw is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company, as well as its growth strategy.

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Five common misunderstandings for companies as they set out on their journey for the first time.
Apr 28, 2018    0

Outsourcing or nearshoring IT experts can be commonplace for some companies. These companies will likely understand both the business and technical benefits that outsourcing teams can bring to a project or organisation. As more businesses become driven by technology, demand for skilled IT workers will continue to grow in 2018, driving more companies to turn to...

Outsourcing can aid us become more aware and adapt to new technology practices.
Mar 24, 2018    0

With the increased use of technology around the globe, the world is more connected than ever before. The capabilities of technology are improving quickly, so more and more employees are working with increasingly advanced technologies. This new reliance on the technology of tomorrow is also causing many jobs to become automated, with the rate of automated jobs created...

Jan 04, 2018    0

When a business is choosing which company to outsource with, location can often be overlooked in favour of the most appropriate specialist for the project. However, location – and especially proximity - should be a critical part of the decision process. For example, if your company is based in Europe, it will be more difficult to outsource from a provider based in Asia, due to a mixture of time, travel, language, and perhaps cultural differences. To ease this dilemma, nearshoring...

Sep 16, 2017    0

Measuring the value of an outsourcing company for your own service requirements can be a surprisingly disorienting task to complete. But beyond its complexity, it also involves a lot of responsibility. Your decision is likely to affect your organisation’s strength and efficiency for the upcoming months, if not years. Making a good choice will mean the right level of support that will help your organisation grow. But selecting a wrong partner can be highly detrimental to the health of...

Jun 13, 2017    0

How the rise of smart cities and smart manufacturing is driving the future of nearshoring

As demand for intelligent IT solutions grows and the industry faces an ever-increasing talent shortage (with IT roles being the second most difficult group to recruit for globally), businesses are increasingly seeing outsourcing as an opportunity to introduce innovation into their companies. There is a particular need for outsourcing companies in the smart city and smart manufacturing...

Aug 10, 2016    0

With the United Kingdom set to leave the European Union, the impact on the Polish outsourcing market looks likely to be both positive and negative. The full extent on outsourcing is yet to be determined, but some predictions can be made based on various scenarios.

If Polish talent leaves the UK

Since Poland joined the EU in 2004, around 2 million Polish workers left to reside and work in other countries, many of them to the UK. It is estimated that 850,000...

Jul 20, 2016    0

Though millions of non-profit entities exist worldwide, their activity, social impact, financial performance and effectiveness remain relatively mysterious, at least in aggregate. In order to increase their transparency, four leading non-profit organisations partnered with my company, a Polish software development firm, to build a platform that would uniquely identify social sector entities around the globe – a vital first step towards understanding the bigger picture.