The Organization’s Growth Drives Need to Create an Online Community for its Members

The Nearshore Executive Alliance (NEA), trade association for the nearshore IT/BPO industry, is very pleased to announce the adoption of ConnectAmericas as its networking and collaboration platform.

A network of nearshore industry leaders and business executives from across the Americas, the NEA was established with the objective of promoting and increasing the use of the nearshore services delivery model. Its growing membership includes buyers, suppliers, analysts, and investment promotion agencies, who share the commitment to driving growth and sustainability in the region.

“A key ingredient to business success today is a web of trusted relationships. NEA represents the leaders in the nearshore community while ConnectAmericas is providing a platform to enable greater collaboration among those leaders. We are delighted to bring this community to our members” said Atul Vashistha, NEA Chairman.

Last March, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) launched ConnectAmericas, the first social network for businesses in the Americas. Supported by Google, DHL, Visa and, ConnectAmericas was designed to promote trade and investment in the region, connecting SMEs with contacts and providing practical information about international business.

“ConnectAmericas is designed to help businesses take the leap to go international, to become savvy exporters and establish a trusted network of business contacts and financing sources throughout the hemisphere, and the world,” said Fabrizio Opertti, project manager of ConnectAmericas and chief of the IDB’s Trade and Investment Unit in the Integration and Trade sector.

Through this platform and the creation of its own community, NEA members will have direct access to the rest to their nearshore industry colleagues, allowing them to share information, best practices and ideas for collaboration.