Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Getting Procurement a Seat at the Digital Transformation Table

Presented by: LatAm Alliance, CI&T, J&J Design and Zemoga

The LatAm Alliance held its on-site meeting on October 10th at the SIG Global Executive Summit in Carlsbad, CA

Very few organizations have procurement professionals as part of the decision-making process involving Digital Transformation. While it is expected that initial experiments run directly under the supervision of senior business executives, as the transformation matures towards scale it could certainly use the experience of the procurement professionals. In this session, ideas and strategies were shared to help procurement professionals to challenge their business counterparts and show through real world examples how they could bring value to this critically important transformation process.  

This session featured: 

  • Which deciding factors are driving Digital Transformation sourcing

  • What the main characteristics are of mature digital process

  • How Procurement can add value in the decision process

  • Ideas to engage your business counterparts