The Nearshore Executive Alliance was invited by the Government of Yucatan, Mexico to discover the potential of the State for IT/BPO investment. Mike Barrett, Vice Chairman of the NEA and Rebeca Hassan, Executive Director had the opportunity to meet with the Governor of the State, Mr. Rolando Zapata Bello and his staff.

During the visit, different representatives from the State and Federal Government presented the initiatives and projects currently in place to help Yucatan become a Knowledge Based Economy.

David Alpizar, Secretary of Economic Development for the Government of Yucatan explained: “We expect our State to be based as one of the most solid and competitive in Mexico, especially with the arrival of new projects with added higher value and the involvement of new technologies and cutting-edge suppliers”

Moreover, Mr. Zapata Bello stated that “the four strategic agenda items of the State are very well defined: agro industry, tourism, logistics and information technology”.

The Digital Agenda, the Law for the Scientific and Technological Development and the creation of the Scientific and Technological Park of Yucatan are clear examples of the commitment to Information Technology development.

The NEA had the opportunity to visit the Scientific and Technological Park. With an investment of over $50 million, phase 1 will be completed by the end of 2013. The purpose of the park is to bring entrepreneurs, the educational sector and the Government together to foster a climate of innovation and technological development.

As a result, the NEA will be hosting a Roundtable in Merida, Yucatan in the first quarter of 2014. Special thanks to Mr. Adolfo Peniche, Federal Delegate of the Secretary of Economy in Yucatan for arranging this meeting and for their great hospitality. We look forward to the next visit, where experts of the IT/BPO industry will discover Yucatan and share their expertise to guide the strategic direction for the development of the Nearshore outsourcing industry.