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Immercio, the inaugural annual conference by the Nearshore Executive Alliance was a great success. Delegates from all over Latin America and the United States enjoyed a full day of knowledge exchange and interaction that will lead to the development of strategic relationships in the Nearshore community.

In case you missed it, here’s a brief recap of what happened!

Atul Vashistha, Chairman and CEO of Neo Group kicked off the event with a presentation on how to build trust especially in a virtual and global world. Contribution, engagement, passion and transparency are required to build that “halo of trust” that enables deeper collaboration among the leaders in the Nearshore outsourcing industry.

Next, “Inside the Mind of a Buyer” moderated by Patrick Stamm (VP Global Operations and Payment Integrity at UnitedHealthcare) featured Jeremy Davey (Director of Engineering at Vesta Corporation) and Oscar Elizondo ( Contract Manager Vendor Management Office at CEMEX). During this conversation, the outsourcing decision makers discussed their expectations of a service provider and gave great advice to potential partners on what to do to gain their business.

Anurag Kumar, CEO at iTexico then introduced Theresa Rice, Managing Director at JeffreyGroup. Her talk used some elements of Soccer (and the upcoming Soccer World Cup) to attract Foreign Direct Investment to Latin America. The key takeaways? Stop playing defense (don’t let defending take priority over promoting); Be a team player (avoid power plays and seek coaching); Be fast on your feet (decentralize); Find new moves (identify new promotion strategies); Mix youth and experience and remember that the world is your playing field!

Ann Harts, Principal at Hickey and Associates took the stage with four successful women in the Nearshore IT/BPO world. Adriana Castro (Sr. VP Customer Service, Citibank LATAM Hub), Betty Cardiel (IT Risk Management & Data Privacy Leader, Softtek), Matilde Rocha (Sr. Developer, Unosquare) and Nancy Medica (CMO, Making Sense) completed the panel titled “It’s a Man’s World?” in which they discussed how the role of professional women has changed during the last 10 years in the industry and how the Nearshore Outsourcing delivery model has provided women not only an opportunity to have a career, but a chance to keep moving up in leadership positions.

Before the lunch break, DJ Edgerton (Founder and CEO of Zemoga) held a "fireside chat" with Brian Brower (Program Manager at Nike) to talk about what Edgerton has been calling for years, "The Digital El Nino". The duo provided great insight on the challenges and benefits of outsourcing non-commodity services to Latin America and how US companies need to realize that our flat planet has world-class talent in the Nearshore region.

The next panel of the day was all about Captive Centers in LatAm. Dawn Evans (President and CEO, Sourcing Interests Group) introduced Eric Ikeda (VP, Development Services-IT, HP) and Carolina Marin (Sr. Operations Manager, Stewart Lender Services). During the conversation, the leaders highlighted the key differentiators for the Latin American region, how it compares to having operations in other geographies as well as the pros and cons of having captive operations vs hiring a 3rd party.

The “Mexico Confidential” session was introduced by Alejandro Camino, VP of Marketing and Communications at Softtek and presented by Christopher Wilson, Associate at the Mexico Institute with an in-depth presentation on U.S.-Mexico Economic Relations.

Wilson explained the growth of goods and services trade between the US and Mexico from 1993 to 2012 and how the services sector dominates the both Mexico’s and the US economies. Finally, he talked about some of the initiatives undertaken by both countries to foster collaboration and relationship building, such as the US- Mexico High Level Economic Dialog (HLED) and the Mexico – US Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council (MUSEIC).

The last panel of the day had delegates from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and the United States. Bruno Guicardi (President of North America, Ci&T) held a conversation with Alfredo Pacheco (CEO of CANIETI), Santiago Pinzon (Executive Director at ANDI) and Patrick Stamm (VP Global Operations and Payment Integrity at UnitedHealthcare) that compared the experience of doing business in Latin America vs. India. The group agreed that LatAm is the ideal location for projects that do not require a massive scale (less than 1,000 people) and where business domain is more complex demanding more communication, a high-touch approach and more business acumen.

Finally, Mike Barrett CEO at Unosquare, put it all together with his closing remarks and a comprehensive overview of the NEA, its goals and vision.

After a long, productive day of sessions, delegates enjoyed the opportunity to continue to network with their peers and discover the “Magical Town” of Tequila: the beverage, the village and the tradition. This fun, relationship building tour took us through the process of making tequila, from harvest to fermentation to distillation to bottling. Take a look at Immercio pictures here!

The NEA is very thankful for all the support of sponsors and attendees, and certainly looking forward to Immercio 2015!