The Nearshore Executive Alliance attended Sourcing Interests Group’s (SIG) Amelia Island Global Sourcing Summit last May. The Summit had great attendance, high enthusiasm, and fantastic feedback. SIG did a great job at facilitating a supportive environment to share thought leadership and professional insights.

The NEA conducted two panel discussions to a very engaged audience. The first workshop, titled “Innovation Centers in Latin America” was moderated by Atul Vashistha, Chairman of the NEA and CEO of Neo Group. Panelists DJ Edgerton (CEO, Zemoga), Bruno Guicardi (President North America, Ci&T) and Mike Barrett (CEO, Unosquare) discussed the importance and emergence of innovation in Colombia, Brazil and Mexico respectively. During this session the participants learned about innovation centers and their role in enhancing competitiveness in the region. The speakers presented several examples of the driving forces behind innovation in different countries in Latin America and explained why innovation is relevant to the global sourcing community.

The second workshop was moderated by Rebeca Hassan, Executive Director of the NEA and featured thought leaders Ann Harts (Principal, Hickey & Associates), Cesar D’Onofrio (CEO, Making Sense) and Alex Camino (VP Marketing & Communications, Softtek). The discussion was around “How Latin America is Changing to Become a More Attractive Outsourcing Destination”.  Presenting specific success stories, panelists shared their knowledge of government initiatives in Central America, Argentina and Mexico to improve investment climate and attract foreign investment in the outsourcing industry. Finally, best practices and next steps for the Nearshore outsourcing industry were shared and presented.

Join us at the next SIG Global Leadership Summit in Ft Worth, October 15-17, 2013. Looking forward to it!