Neo Group has been helping Global 5000 companies since 1999, with a singular focus on global services and sourcing. Our expert-led, data-driven and co-creation approach to advisory helps clients achieve lasting value from global talent and locations. We also have the industry’s leading real-time location and supplier data, analytics and monitoring platform, Supply WisdomSM, a patent-pending, cloud-based service used by over 100 corporations. With 15+ years in the industry, we’ve built an extensive library of proprietary tools and methodologies that are dynamic and continue to improve with new projects, data and knowledge. Learn more at or contact us at

Specialties/Services Provided:

Advice with singular focus on global sourcing levers

Automation | Analytics | Global Talent | Process Optimization| Governance & PMO Support

Company size:

60+ employees

Contact information:

Atul Vashistha, Chairman and CEO

Phone: 617-580-2885

United States
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