We’re Colombian, we’re American. We’re a multicultural team of some of the best digital thinkers, designers, technologists and creative leaders all working together to kick some digital ass. Zemoga has been around since tweets came only from birds. We’ve seen it all in the digital space and we’ve got the scars to prove it. The digital experiences your company creates mean a lot to us. The era of endless planning and 6+ month build cycles is dead: while others are rearranging the chairs for another meeting about a meeting, we’re already thinking, designing and building, we are always one step ahead. Zemoga solves problems and creates opportunities for smart businesses around our offices based in New York City, Wilton, Los Angeles plus our smart heads in Colombia, through integrated design thinking on site and inland.


Marketing, design, advertising, application development, digital innovation, mobile, digital product development, user experience, design thinking, sales enablement, digital experience.

Company Size

51-200 employees.

Some of our clients who rely on us:

HBO Hulu Morningstar
Colombia, USA
+1 203.663.6214
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