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Human Resources

How do you smoothly transfer knowledge during an outsourcing project?
Jun 28, 2018    0
Any Chief Information Officer (CIO) who has gone through at least one round of outsourcing will agree that one of the most understated levers for success of outsourcing programs is around...
Jun 13, 2018    0
In the current marketplace, there is simply no way around a multishore contact center delivery model. The reality is that with unemployment rates in key demand markets at near-record...
Why hire a full time employee for a part-of-the time job?
Jun 09, 2018    0
As procurement professionals, we are always striving to achieve the best total cost of ownership with the products and services we purchase. We’ve seen the negative impact that bottom-dollar...
Consider Belize when looking for nearshoring options
May 29, 2018    0
Belize, the tiny Central American country bordered by Mexico and Guatemala, is known for many things: beautiful beaches, pristine Caribbean waters, ancient Mayan ruins, rainforests...
The time has come where prospective employees are being looked at more as consumers of work.
Apr 26, 2018    0
There was a time, not so long ago, when work was more of a place we went as opposed to a thing we did. Until recently, work-life balance wasn’t an aspiration, but instead, something most...
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