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Jun 01, 2018    0
When it comes to automating processes, procurement organizations are no slouches. Long ago, chief procurement officers automated administration, payroll processing, material-resource needs...
Actively participate in anticipatory compliance activities to monitor risk.
May 26, 2018    0
In a recent interview for a technical blog, I mentioned that I heard keynote speaker former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft (at the 2016 Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association...
Provider mergers and acquisitions can be disruptive. Learn to weather the storm.
May 25, 2018    0
Many sourcing experts have been through a provider merger or acquisition in their time in the industry. The concern that it will disrupt existing services or alter the nature of the engagement can...
In this environment, healthcare providers face the dual challenge of wrapping their arms around the data they already have, while at the same time establishing an operational foundation to support the integration of exponentially growing volumes of new data in the future.
May 10, 2018    0
For healthcare providers operating in an increasingly competitive and demanding environment, leveraging technology to analyze data and gain contextualized insight represents the key to success, if...
Your Program Manager is the most important person in an outsourcing project.
May 10, 2018    0
You have invested months of time – and many thousands of dollars – to reach this point in your outsourcing project. Your scope is defined and you have selected the best service provider...
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