In an era where so much power has shifted to the customer, Agile methodologies and Lean principles offer guidance on how to best deliver projects, embrace change, and provide solutions frequently and rapidly by reacting to customer feedback.

The first industry-wide view of why Nearshore, Agile and Lean are a perfect fit! Argentina (Making Sense), Brazil (CI&T) and Mexico (Dextra Technologies) will present why Latin America is in a great position to utilize an Agile-Lean engine and deliver truly transformational outcomes! Get a close view of the LatAm application services market and how Nearshore providers are primed to leverage proximity to their clients in terms of geographic location, time zone and culture.

In this webinar you will learn how Nearshore can translate cultural affinity and creativity into a problem solving mentality; similar time zone into visibility; and responsiveness and geographical proximity into cost reduction and better time-to-market. All using Agile and Lean!

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