Thursday, December 1, 2016

As key sourcing markets such as India and China continue to mature and begin to lessen their cost competitiveness, businesses in the West and other parts of the globe are moving towards nearshore locations. For the Latin American region, time zones continue to remain convenient; the cultural fit has only increased; and English language proficiencies have become better. Fueled by an ever maturing industry, the Latin American region is scaling up to shift from providing basic back-office business processes to more complex skill oriented services. 

At the same time, there are areas that continue to be a concern. The region is relatively less stable economically and geo-politically, when compared to Asia. Drug induced high crime rates, economic volatility and infrastructural setbacks continue to pose hurdles for significant growth. 

In this webinar, we presented our findings from Neo Group's latest Supply WisdomSM Risk Reports. The presentation highlights key LatAm hotspots, free trade zones, and summarizes our view on various LatAm countries’ geo-political risks, as well as our insights on statistics regarding salaries and talent pool availability. We touch on developments of new age technology, disruptions, compliances as well as future trends. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of the diversity of different sourcing countries in LatAm, and are better equipped to map out possible matches at the country level based on their own objectives/needs. 

You will learn:

  • The diversity of services available in Latin America
  • What internal requirements to consider when evaluating a sourcing location, including business objectives, necessary skills, scalability needs, and so on.
  • What external factors to consider to identify the right sourcing location, including infrastructure, business environment, legal requirements, geo-political situation and macro-economic conditions.
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