In 2012, the LatAm Alliance was formed to capitalize on bringing together buy-side, sell-side and advisory companies while simultaneously providing countries with insights on how to improve the business environment and continue growing their talent. In 2016, the LatAm Alliance became a working council of Sourcing Industry Group (SIG). Our partnership with SIG provides the LatAm Alliance with an opportunity to elevate the industry through some of the largest and most forward-thinking companies in the world.

As an organization, we provide value to our members by facilitating and enabling initiatives in three main areas:

Networking: In a professional and relationship-development environment, we bring together professionals that are interested in learning, collaborating and sharing best practices in outsourcing IT or business process services to and within Latin America.

Marketing: We develop a customized marketing strategy for the group and promote its activities to the global community through SIG and the LatAm Alliance websites as well as social media outlets. We also make a provider directory available to all members.

Sharing: Driven by the interests of the customer/buy-side community, we share accurate, reliable information about the region and the markets through events, council meetings, webinars, town halls and global publications. These channels also allow us to demonstrate thought leadership at a global level.