How We Work

In 2016, the LatAm Alliance became a SIG Working Council. SIG Working Councils are focused on bringing together like-minded sourcing leaders and professionals to develop and share thought leadership and best practices related to the most pressing issues and opportunities facing the global sourcing industry.

As a SIG Working Council, the LatAm Alliance is a customer/buy-side centric group, driven by the interests and the members from the customer/buy-side community. It is co-led by a buy-side and provider member team and supported by an Executive Director within SIG. The group addresses topics related to sourcing, outsourcing and management of business processes and information technology services within Latin America.

Working Council members participate by: assisting in developing and delivering programming for the group, attending meetings and activities, sharing trends, recent developments that may impact other member companies and by mentoring others.

The council meets virtually and onsite. The virtual sessions are hosted online via WebEx and scheduled on a quarterly basis. The onsite meetings are held semi-annually, at SIG’s Global Executive Summits.